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Survive North Yorkshire

The Trustees are pleased to report a further grant award to Survive.

Survive delivers specialist trauma-informed services and trauma-informed interventions to adult survivors of sexual violence and abuse across North Yorkshire

Survive is the only specialist sexual violence agency in York and North Yorkshire accredited by the Survivors’ Trust, meaning we work to National Service Standards for delivery of services to survivors of sexual violence.

Survive also adheres to British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Ethical Framework for Counselling Professions meaning we work ethically (embrace values, principles, personal moral qualities) and adopt good practice (put clients first​, work to professional standards etc).

They help survivors:

  • safely talk about their trauma avoiding re-traumatisation;

  • make sense of trauma symptoms;

  • develop skills and strategies to recognise and respond to triggers or intrusive memories;

  • recognise needs for self-care and emotional self-regulation

  • help survivors connect with internal strengths, external resources and build on strategies that help them feel more in control of lives and safer in here and now.

They help survivors cope and recover from what happened to them; help reduce their psychological distress and trauma symptoms – including reduction in guilt, shame and self-blame. We give survivors hope for a better future.


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