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Heart Research UK

Updated: Jun 1

The Trustees are pleased to report a grant award to Heart Research UK.

The grant will help fund a pilot project using cutting edge virtual reality technology to help educate primary school pupils in York on the benefits of having a healthy heart.

Children are now immersed in technology using smartphones, iPad’s computers and gaming platforms on a regular basis.  Technology is moving at a fast pace with virtual reality at the cutting edge.  Heart Research UK have teamed up with the Surgical Innovation Centre at Warwick University to develop the first ever virtual reality presentation that will simulate the journey of a red blood cell as it travels throughout the body.

The presentation will be targeted at York primary school children in Key Stage 2 and will take them on an incredible journey bringing learning to life which is anticipated will leave a graphic memory which will complement traditional classroom teaching methods.  Each child will see first-hand how a healthy lifestyle involving a good diet and exercise is beneficial together with the negative impact of smoking and a poor diet, as the red blood cells travels on its journey around the body.


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