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York LGBT Forum

Updated: Jun 1

The Trustees are pleased to report a grant award to the York LGBT Forum.

York LGBT Forum is a charity which aims to improve LGBT rights in York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom and across the world. York LGBT Forum works to ensure that there is no discrimination on the basis of, but not limited to, ethnicity, language, race, age, ability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, family status, income, immigrant or refugee status and nationality.

York LGBT Forum is aware and sensitive of the oppression and marginalisation that diverse groups experience. York LGBT Forum seeks to increase access and participation, especially for those who are marginalised, disadvantaged or oppressed.

York LGBT Forum encourages individuals to participate fully and to have complete access to its projects, committee and volunteer opportunities. It shall make every effort to see that its structure, policies and systems reflect all aspects of the total community and to promote equal access to all. To this end, York LGBT Forum strives to ensure that:

  1. Discriminatory or oppressive behaviours are not tolerated

  2. Individuals who engage with York LGBT Forum for service are valued participants who have opportunities to shape and evaluate our projects

  3. Projects are developed and delivered to give priority to individuals in marginalised communities and are sensitive to the needs of diverse groups

  4. Projects are delivered in such a way that systemic barriers to full participation and access are eliminated and so that positive relations and attitudinal change towards marginalised groups are promoted

  5. Services are provided with sensitivity to the influence of power and privilege in all relationships, including service relationships, and are delivered in keeping with anti-oppression principles

  6. Communication materials present a positive and balanced portrayal of people’s diverse experiences.This policy is intended to act as a positive force for equity and the elimination of oppression.


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