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The Island, York

Updated: Jun 1

The Trustees are pleased to report a grant award to The Island, York.

The Island exists to enhance the quality of life for children and young people through sustainable quality mentoring relationships as they make the transition through childhood and adolescence.

Theye are a voluntary organisation whose aim is to work with children and young people making the transition from primary to secondary school. The Island works with vulnerable young people aged 8 to 13. This is a critical time when some children and young people become disaffected, withdraw from learning and engage in negative activities. Other young people, particularly disabled young people, may need support to enable them to develop confidence outside the family and learn independence skills.

Being supported to access a range of positive community activities with a trusted adult can give young people new opportunities, and raise aspirations and self-esteem. The Island believes that a secure relationship with consistent support and positive activities can enable our children and young people to develop to their potential.


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