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The Community Furniture Store (York)

Updated: Jun 1

The Trustees are pleased to report a grant award to the Community Furniture Store (York).

The York Community Furniture Store is a furniture re-use and skills development organisation, which has been sewing York for 30 years, since October 1988. The Store collects re-usable furniture, electrical and other household goods from the City of York and parts of adjacent areas. Donated goods are resold at its warehouse at the Raylor Centre, off James Street.

The Store is open to the general public, but households on means tested benefits qualify for discounted prices, currently 25%. Nearly 600 households registered or renewed their registrations with 72% referred by City of York Council or other support agencies; 28% self-referred.

Local volunteers help in the Store and with collections and deliveries. In 2017/18 there were 34 people referred by either the Job Centre for work experience or by Probation Service to fulfil Community Service Orders. There are also a number of regular volunteers, two of whom have disability issues. During 2017/18, the Store returned nearly 11,000 items (242 tonnes) to use. Some 3,800 sales in the year, 65% of total sales, were to low income customers.

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