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Grant award to The Ambulance Wish Foundation

The trustees are pleased to report a grant to The Ambulance Wish Foundation.

The Ambulance Wish Foundation is a group of 150 clinically trained volunteers and drivers who try to fulfill the last wishes of immobile terminal patients for free on a daily basis with the help of specially designed and specifically equipped ambulances.

Inspired by and working in collaboration with the Dutch charity Stichting Ambulance Wens, The Ambulance Wish Foundation UK’s mission is to give terminally ill patients the resources, specialist transport and medical care they need to fulfill their final wishes. Wishes can be simple, a last visit home or to a place of personal significance. It’s usually the little things that mean the most to a person nearing the end of their life, but these can seem impossible

The grant will help fund a second vehicle that will be based in York and cover the surrounding areas.


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