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Grant award to Lollipop, York & District

The Trustees are pleased to report a grant award to Lollipop, York & District.

Imagine a world of silence……

No matter how hard you may try, can you truly imagine it?

The truth is that deafness is isolating.

For those children & young people who are born deaf, deprivation of sound also means deprivation of language. For a deaf child the process of language development is a long slow process. This means that many deaf children & young people have delayed language and this has obvious effects on social, emotional and educational development.

Sadly for many deaf and hearing impaired people this also means dealing with feelings of exclusion, the inability to participate fully and much frustration. But deafness today does not need to be so isolating. After all, 1 in 7 people in the United Kingdom have a hearing impairment of some degree & 1 in 4 children experience hearing loss at some time in their life.

Lollipop was established in 2004 to help combat such isolation and to offer social support to children & young people with hearing loss and their families


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