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Joseph Rowntree Theatre

The Trustees are pleased to report a grant award to The Joseph Rowntree Theatre raise the roof campaign.

The main roof has been there since the theatre was built 85 years ago without any major need for repair or replacement and the time has come to make sure that it will last at least another 85 years.

They plan to undertake the following work:

* Repair the main auditorium roof to ensure it is watertight for the next 85 years and install insulation.

* Replace the fly tower roof and install insulation.

* Install solar panels onto the new fly tower roof to reduce our energy costs.

The theatre was built in 1935 at the instigation of Seebohm Rowntree for the benefit of Rowntree workers and the local community. It is still a vitally important part of York’s social infrastructure, giving opportunities to many volunteers and performers to hone their skills.

It is a Grade II listed building and is the only remaining Rowntree building still used for its original purpose – a place for recreation and entertainment. The theatre is used by a core of over 35 local amateur and professional organisations and staged 170 performances in the last financial year. Attendances totalled over 33,500 across all shows providing affordable entertainment and performace opportunities to the people of York and the surrounding area.

The theatre is managed entirely by volunteers and provides opportunities to learn skills and keep active


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