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Grant award to Esk Valley Camphill Community

The Trustees are pleased to report a grant award to Camphill Shared Lives Communities.

Changing lives in a family environment

Many of the households which are part of the Esk Valley Camphill Community provide Shared Lives services in a pioneering partnership with the Avalon Group.

In Shared Lives an adult who needs support and accommodation moves in with an approved Shared Lives carer, after they have been matched for compatibility. Together they share family and community life. Nationally there are approximately 12,000 people using Shared Lives with 8,000 carers. Shared Lives carers can also provide respite care facilities.

Shared Lives has rigorous training, approval and matching processes and is regulated under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. Each Shared Lives scheme is managed by a social care provider which is subject to inspections by the Care Quality Commission.


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