The Trustees are please to report a grant award to SASH.

SASH work to prevent homelessness in young people aged 16-25 in York, North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire.

They help young people get the support they need so that a time of crisis does not lead to a vicious circle of homelessness and unemployment.

Working together is the key to their approach to youth homelessness.

SASH work with our hosts to respond to the problems of homelessness among young people in our community. Their staff team provide volunteer hosts with training, advice and support to enable them to provide a safe and welcoming environment for homeless young people in their homes.

The causes of homelessness are complex and they can’t resolve them simply by putting a roof over someone’s head in an emergency.

That is why they also work with local agencies including councils, schools and colleges, health services other charities to ensure that each young person referred to our services is able to access the full range of support that they need to resolve the underlying causes of their homelessness.